Control Plane Programmability

Juniper Extension Toolkit (JET)

Juniper Extension Toolkit (JET) APIs provide a modern and programmatic interface for network operators who want to augment Junos OS core capabilities. JET APIs focus on providing a standards-based interface to the Junos OS for enhanced programmability across your network infrastructure.

Documentation / API Guide

** Legacy APIs will be deprecated in future releases.

For information and documentation on releases prior to 18.1 follow the link below.

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Test Drive Our JET

Do you want to test drive the power of JET APIs without having to set up your own development environment? Juniper vLabs lets you do just that. Use our pre-established virtual development environment with just a few clicks. To learn how to get started, watch our tutorial video.


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Developer Downloads

To set up a JET application development environment, you can download the Interactive Data Language (IDL) files, the backing sandbox, and the Vagrant development-ready box (with integrated development environment) from the Juniper Networks Downloads Site.