This IDL defines the following message type(s)


A flexible tunnel profile contains a set encapsulation parameters for a flexible tunnel. It may specify an encapsulation or decapsulation.

Field Type Description
name string Flexible tunnel profile name.
action TunnelActionType The action that this profile will be used for.
interface_name string Name of the anchoring tunnel interface.
attributes TunnelAttributes The encapsulation or decapsulation parameters defining the profile.


VXLAN header reserved fields as defined in RFC7348.

Field Type Description
reserved_bits_8_31 uint32 VXLAN 24-bit reserved field as specified in RFC7348.
reserved_bits_55_63 uint32 VXLAN 8-bit reserved field as specified in RFC7348.


Encapsulation/Decapsulation attributes for various types of tunnels.

Field Type Description
vxlan VxlanTunnelAttributes VXLAN tunnels.


A set of VXLAN flexible tunnel attributes contains the encapsulation and/or decapsulation parameters specific to a VXLAN flexible tunnel. A VXLAN decapsulation tunnel is considered unique only if the full tuple of FTI interface, VNI, source prefix/length, and destination port is unique from other decapsulation tunnels. Adding or updating VXLAN decapsulation tunnel with conflicting attributes will result in an error.

Field Type Description
vni uint32 24 bit VXLAN Network Identifier (VNI).
source_prefix NetworkAddress Source address prefix.
source_prefix_len uint32 Prefix length of source address.
source_udp_port_range NumericRange Source UDP port range.
source_mac MacAddress Source MAC address.
destination_address NetworkAddress Destination address
destination_udp_port uint32 Destination UDP port. [Range]: 0:65535.
destination_mac MacAddress Destination MAC address.
flags UInt32Value VXLAN flag.
rfc7348_reserved Rfc7348VxlanReserved VXLAN header reserved fields as defined in RFC7348.



The action performed for the tunnel.

Value Description
ENCAPSULATE Use associated TunnelAttributes to encapsulate packets.
DECAPSULATE Use associated TunnelAttributes to decapsulate packets.