Management Plane Automation

Off Box Automation

The recommended approach when the end user wants to manage multiple devices from a single remote system and/or leverage availability of modern languages and tools available on the remote system.

Out of the multiple options available today, Junos PyEZ is likely the most popular Python library to remotely manage/automate Junos devices. It's smooth learning curve allows users, without much programming experience, to start leveraging it for automation quickly.

Documentation / API Guide

Junos PyEZ is designed to provide the same capabilities as a user would have on the Junos CLI, but in an environment built for automation tasks. These capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Remote connectivity and management of Junos devices via NETCONF
  • Provide "facts" about the device such as software-version, serial-number, etc.
  • Retrieve "operational" or ""run-state"" information as Tables/Views
  • Retrieve configuration information as Tables/Views
  • Make configuration changes in unstructured and structured ways
  • Provide common utilities for tasks such as secure copy of files and software updates

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Build Your Environment Downloads

Installation requires Python 2.7 or >=3.4 and associated pip tool

pip install junos-eznc

Installing from Git is also supported (OS must have git installed).

To install the latest MASTER code:

pip install



To install a specific version, branch, tag, etc.

pip install


See GitHub page for more options...