Management Plane Automation

On Box Automation

The recommended approach when an end user wants to perform device specific activities that may involve:

  • configuration activities (commit-scripts)
  • event-based activities (event-scripts)
  • enable easy to use administration commands (op-scripts)
  • expose operational state on the SNMP path (SNMP scripts).

Junos automation scripts can be written in the following scripting languages:

  1. Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations (XSLT)
  2. Stylesheet Language Alternative syntaX (SLAX)
  3. Python

XSLT is a standard for processing Extensible Markup Language (XML) data and is designed to convert one XML document into another. SLAX is an alternative to XSLT. It has a simple syntax that follows the style of C and PERL, but retains the same semantics as XSLT. Programmers who are familiar with C often find it easier to learn and use SLAX. You can easily convert SLAX scripts into XSLT and convert XSLT scripts into SLAX. Python is a commonly-used, open-source programming language with extensive standard and community libraries.

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