Khelil Sator
Network Automation Expert, Juniper Networks

Q2 2019

Khelil Sator (Sr. Consulting Engineering, Juniper Networks) is a network automation expert and has been recognized as the EngNet Top Contributor for Q2 2019. He’s an active member on EngNet and has made ingenious contributions to the EngNet Automation Exchange and also the EngNet Slack channel thereby giving a great experience to Junos OS users when it comes to adopting Network Automation. For context, the EngNet Automation Exchange is viewed by thousands of EngNet users who are trying to learn automation technologies or are looking for examples or even ready to use applications to use with Junos OS devices. Some of these projects enable users to automate manual workflows and hence reduce their OPex.

Khelil has done a lot of cool projects using technologies like Ansible, Salt, PyEZ and more to automate Junos OS networks. He’s also a Contrail Healthbot expert and has built several tutorials to help deploy Healthbot especially with respect to Machine Learning.

Thank you Khelil for all you do, and congrats again for being named Top Contributor!

Well, any of the EngNet users could be the next "Top Contributor" and win goodies from Juniper. So, gear up!