Assisted Learning

It's hard to find time to learn new skills while keeping the lights on in your networks, but finding a path to practice doesn't have to be a struggle in production.
Learn by doing. Whether you’re starting from square one or already an expert, we have free and formal training for all levels, from aspiring to distinguished network reliability engineers.

arrow   NRE Labs  

NRE Labs offers free in-browser experience for bite-sized exercises on network automation learning. And it's open source and open for contribution.

arrow   Juniper Education Services

Juniper Education Services offers instructor-led courses across routing, switching, security, data center, automation and cloud technologies.

arrow   OpenLab Learning Series  

OpenLab offers hands-on and cloud-based access to Juniper and third-party solutions across seven collaboration centers around the world. Register for a learning session.

Self Learning

With the arrival of multicloud and accelerating pace of business there are big operational challenges with the changes needed in networking. To keep up with reliability and agility, you need a lab for engineering automation and experimentation that provides a testing ground for safe failures, stress testing, change testing, and staging.

To that end, Juniper offers you Learning Labs, with both physical and virtual hands-on labs. Use it to quickly learn from failures and accelerate the time it takes to deploy production networks that your organization can count on.

arrow   vLabs  

You'll better understand Juniper’s foundational technologies when you use vLabs on your own time and in a risk-free environment. This service provides a variety of preset topologies in network automation, routing, switching, and security. Try it for free.

arrow   Contrail Platform  

This software-defined networking (SDN) platform is based on the open-source network virtualization project, Tungsten Fabric (formerly OpenContrail). Contrail automates and orchestrates the creation of highly scalable virtual networks, so you can create new services, increase business agility, and grow revenue. Try it for free.

arrow   AppFormix  

Our cloud operations and optimization tool provides advanced monitoring, scheduling, and performance management for software-defined infrastructure to better accommodate the shorter life cycles of SDN containers and virtual machines (VMs). Try it for free.

arrow   NITA  

The Network Implementation and Test Automation (NITA) framework comprises continuous integration and infrastructure as code open-source tools: GitLab, Ansible, Robot Framework, and Jenkins. NITA is instrumental in enabling network reliability engineers to test and deploy changes to their networks. To try NITA for free, contact your Juniper or Juniper-partner sales representatives.

arrow   vMX Virtual Router  

These fully featured virtualized MX Series 3D Universal Edge Routers help you improve your service agility, accelerate time to market, and increase routing scale and performance. With vMX, you can create and centrally manage policy, gather and distribute threat intelligence, detect threats, and adapt and enforce policies in real time. Start your free 60-day trial.

arrow   vSRX Virtual Firewall  

Discover the benefits of our high-performance virtual firewall in your environment. The vSRX automates and scales with maximum efficiency while protecting your organization from advanced malware with our cloud-delivered Juniper Sky™ Advanced Threat Prevention option. Start your free 60-day trial.

arrow   vQFX Virtual Switch  

Try out Juniper’s physical QFX10000 high-performance data center switch without the wait for a physical delivery. With the vQFX switch, you can quickly emulate the features of the control plane and data plane of the physical switch. You can also use it to create an instant virtual lab for a demonstration, proof of concept, training, script development, configuration validation, network change simulation, and more. Try it for free.

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